50 Ton

Salient Features & Specification:

  • Save the Power Consump on up to 30 to 80%
  • Rigid 5 Point Toogle Mechanism
  • Micro Processor Controller
  • Short Cycle  me.
  • High Precision Moulding.
  • Five Stage Injecvon Pressure / Speed System.
  • Hydraulic Electrical & Mechanical Safe es.
  • Radial Piston Hydro Motor.
  • Automatic Mould Height Adjustment.
  • Back Pressure Control Through PLC.
  • Auto Lubrication System.
  • Core Pulling.
  • Even Eject Force.
  • Large Tie Bar Distance & Platen Area.
  • User Friendly Control Cause Easier to Operate.
  • Lower Noise Generation.


Clamping Unit
Clamp Force ton 50
Clamp Stroke mm 275
Maximum Daylight mm 550
Min. Mould Height mm 100
Max. Mould Height mm 275
Platen Size HxV mm 450
Dist. Bet. Tie Bar HxV mm 275
Ejector Stroke mm 60
Ejector Force ton 2.5
Injection Unit
Screw Dia mm 25 30 35
L/D Ratio   21.2 17.6 15
Screw Stroke mm 110 110 110
Inj. Capacity (GPPS) gms 40 60 85
Injection Pressure Max bar 2242 1556 1143
Theoretical Displacement cc 49 70 96
Power Unit
Induction Motor kw/hp 5.5/7.5
Servo Drive kw 8.8
Total Heat Capacity kw 5.0
Connected Load kw 14.0
General Data
Total Oil Capacity Ltr. 150
Machine Dimension LxWxH mm 3900x1100x1800
Machine Weight (w/o oil) kg. 2350
  • Clamping Unit

    Clamping Unit:

    • Heavy duty 5-point double toggle mechanism with large mould opening stroke.
    • High wear resistance & high strength gear nut (tie bar nut) gives rigid &positive clamping force.
    • High stiffness platen design with large mould mounting area.
    • Five stage mould close I open speed & pressure.
    • Computer aided design toggle mechanism gives op mal mould closing and opening speed profits.
    • Multi stage digital speed and pressure setting to operate the mould.
    • Linear transducer for accurate clamp position.
    • Mould protection with repeat again option.
    • Hard-chrome plated high-tensile steel  tie-bars with stress relieve design.
    • Auto-mould height adjustment with hydraulic motor.
    • Hydraulic ejector with multiple selecon.
    • Auto-lubrication based on shot adjustment.
    • Linear transducer on ejector cylinder.
    • Platen casting design with finite element analysis for maximum rigidity.
    • Hydraulic &electrical safety interlocks during moving platen movements for moulds &operator safety.
    • Mould platen with t-slots (135 Tons &above).
    • All casting passed through strict ultrasonic test and tensile testing process.
    • Separate pressure &speed setting for mould set-up.
    • High wear resistant skate-pad for heavy mold loading.
    • Core pulling system.
  • Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System:

    • Energy efficient variable displacement pump and servo control system.
    • Direct reading hydraulic pressure.
    • Compact, easily accessible injection and clamping valves to minimize the heat genera on.
    • Contamination free oil tank with feeler cum-breather.
    • Provides high safety as main motor shuts down on opening rear gate.
    • Hydraulic directional valve on / off  indicator connector.
  • Injection Unit

    Injection Unit:

    • Gas nitride hardened screw and barrel, for wear resistance and long life.
    • Screw for homogenous plasticizing with modern design.
    • Screw back pressure with pressure gauge provision.
    • High torque hydraulic motor for better plasticization.
    • 5-stage injection speed pressure &position control.
    • 3-stage injection holding speed pressure & position control.
    • Hopper sliding arrangement for material removal.
    • Intrusion moulding program.
    • Selection of injection time &position both.
    • Pre-suck back function and after plasticizing suck back.
    • Heater failure &thermocouple failure detector.
    • High / low temperature alarm. (suitable low-high limit)
    • Linear potentiometer for injection / plasticizing.
    • Auto purging facility.
    • Ceramic bands heaters for instant heating.
    • Barrel heater safety cover.
  • Control System

    Control System:

    • Energy meter.
    • Multi password facility for operators.
    • M.C.C.B. Operating Mechanism.
    • SMPS - Switched Mode Power Supply gives linear power supply.
    • Star delta motor starter.
    • M.C.B. for each heating zone.
    • PID temp controller for accurate control.
    • Dedicated microprocessor control system with led input/ output indicator for simplified checking
    • MPCB for motor protection.
    • Pressure & flow for each function control by Microprocessor.
    • Linear scale for injection, clamping & ejector cylinder.
    • Alarm history page.
    • Production / hour in vertical-bar for year.
    • Easy export/ import of mould & machine data.
    • Hourly energy consumption statics page (Product cost calculator)
  • Safety Features

    Safety Features:

    • Electric Safety on both front & rear door.
    • Magnetic grills in hopper.
    • Provision for M.C.C.B.
    • Over load circuit breaker.
    • Under voltage-over voltage protection.